Monday, March 23, 2009

Lowered Expectations

Frankly with every day and every utterance, my opinion of this administration and this man who got elected President drops.

  1. He can't seem to nominate/select anyone who does not have legal issues.
  2. Insults the handicapped as a failed attempted at humour as he becomes the first sitting President ever to appear on a late night TV show.
  3. Returns a special gift to the United Kingdom.
  4. Then adds insult by presenting as a gift a 25 DVD set of movies that can not be played in the UK for they are the wrong region.
  5. His State Department can't seem to find a Russian translator as the Secretary of State presents a symbolic button meant to represent a resetting of relations between the two countries.
  6. Legislation he signed into law has sparked a trade war with Mexico.
  7. As an interviewer asks if he is punch drunk, he tries to pass off as gallows humour his laughing at the economic crisis.
  8. Now I hear he wrote a personal letter to the President of France, Jaques Chirac. The current President is a guy named Sarkozy. Merde.

What next? During a state visit to Japan and going through the motions of an abbreviated Tea Ceremony the President gulps the green tea and then spews it over the PM?

After less than fourty days in office, he is making James Earl Carter's four years look downright competent. Please let this Republic survive this man's manifest incompetence.


chicagodudewhotrades said...

Gordon Brown isn't that great a leader, but right now , I'd take him over Obama. Or maybe we can ask Canada for Stephen Harper and give them our POTUS.

Tom said...

Chicago Dude - the Canadians wouldn't touch Obama with an 11-foot pole - they've thrown out a Liberal government, and don't want another.

Anna said...

If the UK nor Canada want anyone from Club Gitmo, why should they want Obama?

If we want a foreign born leader who gets it, I want that guy who gave PM Gordon Brown that verbal drubbing in the EU Parliament.

Anonymous said...

You must be remembering when Bush I blew his lunch while at the Chinese state dinner

Anna said...

Actually ano-e-mouse, President George H. W. Bush had nausea while visiting Japan. Very embarassing when he emptied his stomach upon the Japanese Prime Minister.


It helps to have a grasp of the facts before spouting off.