Friday, March 20, 2009

Civics and Civility

Hey you readers out there. Take a break from your exercise machine. I know they promise that ten minutes a day will make you stronger and leaner. Well I beg you to spend ten minutes watching this clip and strengthen something in these times is far more vital, your brain.

See, that did not hurt at all or make you stinky did it? But it fed your brain I bet. Just think on it.

Hat-tip to Karagush for finding this video. You da best.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

Dr. Utopia eh?
Hmmm.....who does he remind me of? Too bad we don't have the option the fellows had at the end of this clip. Well, I guess we do, sorta, but voting only seems to keep these bastards right where they are. Tar, feathers and rails anyone?

Anna said...

First we the people need to fumigate all infestations of ACORN and its supporters. Agent Orange springs to mind.

But in seriousness RAPH, its getting pretty darn freaky. What we have in Obama and his followers are radicals who never had to face real hard-nosed opposition. They are hothouse radicals. When the talk of tar&feathers becomes reality I bet most will run screaming back to Mumsy and Daddy.

And will Obama, in a fit of anger, try to use the military to supress the average American citizen, it will not be pretty. Unless Obama wants his pretty lil civilian defense corp to committ Kent State atrocities nationwide. And then Machiavelli will be proved right for we the people will have moved from being fearful to totally mad. And Obama's minions will be lucky if all that is done to them is hot tar and feathers.

Rides A Pale Horse said...

All things considered, Anna, I'm already mad as hell. I want my country back.

Anna said...

RAPH, shall we have a smashing good Tea Party then?

The Six said...

Hi Anna. Just found your site from Just Barking Mad (not a plug, I swear). Love your site. And eternal Thanks for this clip. I'm posting it to my site as well. It's time and past time for the productive of this country to take her back.

The Six

Anna said...

Six Actual, just trying to do my little part that is all.

With teamwork we can overcome any obstacle.

Rides A Pale Horse said...

Indeed, Anna!!

I have quite a number of facsimilies of tea bags ready to go. Being the paranoid type that I am, I figured that Uncle Sam would consider my actual teabags a threat and send the FBI my way so I created this from another idea I saw recently. Fax #s are all on speed dial for those deserve it. At least someone will have to see it.

Hope the link works. Enjoy!!

Anna said...