Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Iranian Nightmare

As Iran roars bellicose towards the new Obama Administration - along with North Korea and Venezuela and thus giving a buzz-kill to the Obama hope the world would love his change of leadership, lets think about a few things. Like the reports Iran may have enough weapons grade uranium this year for one bomb. So much for that NIE that said Iran quit its nuclear weapons program in 2003 huh? The very young Iranian population has been getting restive and some are downright scared their President with the bad hair-days will get them all killed by his antics. June 2009 in Iran is when the next presidential election happens.

Now ponder this. What if the Iranians already have enough for a Hiroshima size bomb? Just ponder if Amadjihadi learns he will be a one term president so his time to usher in the Twelth Iman just got shorter. Now the special package travels via Syria[ of the bombed nuclear reactor] through the Bekaa Valley to the stronghold of Hezbullah in southern Lebanon. And they try to get it across into Israel but fail because the Israelis catch them while UNIFIL misses it.

Now if that is not a caus beli, as if the Iranian sponsored attack on Israel's embassy in Argentina was not enough, I do not know what is. Oh by the way, the Iranian seziure of the US and UK embassies in 1979 are also reasons to declare war. So if you were Israel, what would you do? Turn Tehran into glowing glass? Or send in the IAF to bomb into oblivion what nuclear sites that are known? Or do nothing?

No pressure, just millions of innocent lives are at stake while you dither.

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