Monday, January 05, 2009

What If?

According to The Muqata blog, Israeli Intelligence sources say that Hamas succeeded in bringing in Fajr-4 missiles into Gaza. These missiles have a 70 km range and can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Hamas is trying to get these missiles into Northern Gaza right now. (Rotter).

Now imagine if one of these Fajr-4 missiles is fired at Jerusalem by Hamas. Its such a quick launch the IDF cant intercept it. And its guidance is faulty and strikes the Dome of the Rock totally destroying this Islamic mosque that denotes where the Prophet landed on his night journey?

Who will be blamed for this violation of the Hague Conventions on destroying cultural sites? Not Hamas but Israel. That is the sad and horrendous conclusion I come to. It will be laid at Israel's feet, again. While willfully ignoring the monsters who actually launched it.

Postscript on how easy to spin it? Imangine Amanpour of CNN broadcasting live near the Temple Mount when the missile hits the Dome of the Rock totally demolishing it. After briefly flinching as her cameraman zooms in on the pall of smoke, Amanpour smoothly shifts gears to accuse Israel of destroying an Islamic heritage site as part of its ongoing pogrom against Hamas in Gaza.


Anonymous said...

why did peter jennings pick her? the goat was busy

Zimri said...

Technically the Dome is not a mosque. It is a shrine. The mosque on that little plateau is to the south, the Aqsa.

Anna said...

Yoch, uhh Amanpour and Peter Jennings? Think ORD said it was Ashwani or something.

Zimriel, okay I stand corrected. But it still would be a significant object to be accidentally destroyed by Hamas killers in their hatred of Israel and Jews.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

This region is so weird, that ISRAEL would probably pay for the cost to rebuilt the Dome of the Rock...

Anna said...

You are probably right Jameel. Stranger things have happened after all. After the 1967 War in which Israel reclaimed all of Jerusalem, they did not blow up the Dome and let the Muslims administer Their Temple Mount.