Monday, December 29, 2008

Peculiar Abomination

Lets see if I understand this about Gaza and West Bank areas of the Trans-Jordan.
  1. It was created by outside powers seeking to appease other parties and create peace.
  2. It has a government that the people of those areas elect.
  3. The government is run by people who were members of the PLO but is now called Fatah.
  4. The Gaza area voted in another terrorist group[Hamas] to replace Fatah.
  5. Now Hamas runs Gaza and is trying to topple Fatah from power.
  6. And did I mention Hamas is attacking a UN created and recognized nation named Israel.
Looking at all these facts, it is readily apparent this 'nation' for Palestinians is a miserably failed nation-state descending into anarchy. And all Israel is doing is protecting its citizens from being killed as this 'nation' goes through the death-throes of internal fighting. So I have no problems with what Israel is doing. They are the victims and deserve the world's support as they defend themselves from brutal aggression.


Al said...

Let's hope that region may find a sense of peace and stability this year. Happy New Year!

Anna said...

L=Al, don't think so with Operation Cast Lead until Hamas is eliminated from Gaza. But we can hope things get better.