Sunday, December 14, 2008

Modern Tavington

Advance to about six minutes in.

Why do I even put this clip up? When I read of dishonorable craven monsters who set fire to churches where people are gathered, I think of Tavington. It seems a fire was set at the door of the Wasilla Bible Church yesterday. And there were people in the church at the time. This could have been a greater tragedy if those people had not been able to escape. I pray those who did set the fire are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And I will not lay accusations at anyone's door since no one knows who did this yet. But a multi-agency task force is investigating this incident including the BATF.

I am very thankful no one was hurt and only a building was destroyed.

But those who think such actions are cool or just, remember this when you push the rest of us too far.

Update - December 17, 2008.
It seems an accelerant was poured at all the exits to the church. This ups it to attempted murder people. This is no longer any kind of lark gone wrong. And the Huffpoites sadly lack the milk of human kindness.

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