Thursday, December 18, 2008


With all the whispers and press releases that are issuing almost every hour from Chicago and Washington DC, I have to ask a question. Who needs West Wing or Soprano re-runs?

We got this fabulous couple from the East Side, aka Chicago, who are moving on up to the big leagues in DC politics. But just when they thought they had moved away from Chicago; guess what, problems from back home arise. That mean ol Mr. Fitzgerald is after all of Jed Obama's relatives like Jethro 'F-bomb' Blago and his lovely wife Patty-Sue who helped the Obama's close a house deal. Jessie 'whut?' Jackson Jr and his wife Sandi are the Obama's ne'er do well kinfolk. Never mind that irascible Rev Wright who just sends shivers down your spine with every thundering sermon. Or Obama's friendly banker Tony 'location location location' Rezko that helped him swing a sweet deal. And how can we forget Rahm 'Mr. 21' Emanuel as Obama's would-be bag-man.

This is a killer TV political/comedy concept that needs to be put on the air. It even has some aw shuck moments like Obama will be on vacation when his faithful mouthpiece will announce the findings of an internal review crucial to Mr. Fitzgerald's crusade. I really need to set the Tivo for this.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the new schoolmaster- the former Pentagon-Capitol Bldg- Police HQ Bomber William Ayers- the defacto Education Czar.

We are doomed.


Anna said...

Just think if Blago sings and sinks SS Obama, we might get President Biden.

Aint that cheerful? ^_-;