Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Test Has Come

How can one forget Senator, now Vice President elect, Joe Biden's warning that the Obama administration would be tested within the first six months by some manufactured crisis.

Less than twenty-four hours after President-elect Obama's victory speech before the adoring voters in Chicago, that test has come. It comes as a freezing wind blowing out of Siberia and threatens to shatter all of Obama's aspirations.

President Medvedev of Russia announced today that his country is deploying to the isolated enclave of Kaliningrad short range ballistic missiles. Russia also plans to deploy a jamming system in Kaliningrad to degrade the ballistic missile defense systems the United States is deploying in neighboring Poland and the nearby Czech Republic.

Don't take this personally President-elect Obama, its just Medvedev and Putin sizing you up in the great game of Real Politik. And if you come across as a wimp, expect more provacative actions to emerge from Russia and others who are thusly emboldened. The ball is now in your court, may Divine Providence have mercy upon you and assist you in keeping the United States and its allies safe.


Dee said...

Its hard not to be concerned about our future security as a nation and how our pocketbook will be depleted.

Anna said...

I am very concerned. The world is watching and judging Obama already.