Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Monty Thanksgiving

Welcome to BBC Channel 4 as we allow our Cooking with Nena Nesbitt show show viewers that American staple the turkey.

Nena, "Well hello there! Today we are going to cook a large fowl, no not Gordon Brown. On no we can't do that."

We see Nena pull from the refridgerator a very large bird resting in a shallow pan. With a grunt she puts it on the cutting table. All of this is caught on the now spied Channel 4 camera.

"Now this is a big bruiser of a bird, just shy of a stone in weight. Now we have to prepare it."

"And first step on preparing this paragon of wild American poultry is to tenderize it. They call this bashing the turkey."

Nena now pulls out from below camera view a largish mallet and raises it above her head, getting ready to give a mighty smack upon the prostrate turkey when a voice calls from the control booth followed by the long lanky stride of the producer.

"What the bloody hell you doing you twit!" exclaims John Cleese.

"Bashing the turkey!"

"No! No! No! You gimlet gazed ninny swishing in elderberry. There is no bashing of the turkey!"

"There isn't?" is spoken in a timorous voice from beside the towering in fury Cleese.

John Cleese smacks the script with a hand, sounding almost like a pistol shot. "Your reading comprehension is as abominable as that of a Member of Parliament. It says you will 'Baste the turkey' here on page two."

"It does?"

"Yes, now lets try to do this correct this time." John Cleese stalks off stage left leaving a chagrinned and crestfallen Nena Nesbitt to look at the camera, smile, and say "Right, now is the time to baste the turkey." Followed by a nervous laugh.



Mike's America said...

Monty Python Flying Circus marathon on BBC America starting at 11 AM EST Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving Anna!

Anna said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks. Do enjoy a spot of humour now and then. :)