Sunday, November 09, 2008


November 9, 1938 should be a date to remember. Today marks the 70th Anniversary of this horrific event.

It was this night that the thuggish and evil forces of Hitler's Third Reich rampaged through Germany and Austria shattering what little peace of mind Jews had left. Crystal Night refers to the next morning when shattered panes of glass lay across pavement symbolizing the vandalism and destruction visited upon the Jews, their homes, their businesses, and their synagogues.


Mike's America said...

Sort of reminds me of the Obama cyberThugs who have destroyed Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumbers privacy while spitting poison at the rest of us.

Anna said...

I hope the tide is turning now that Obama has to actually put his money where his mouth has been for the past two years. People will rise up and stand against his cockeyed delusions like using Executive Orders from Day One to turn back things. Talk about abuse of power. I hope.