Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Lawyers Dwell on Small Details

When Daddy had to fly,
The lawyers clean up all details,
When Daddy had to lie.

Don Henley penned the lyrics to End of Innocence as an indictment of President Reagan and his administration. How it was embroiled in investigations over Iran-Contra. As the above quoted lyrics also indicate, its an indictment against lawyers who are hired not to defend but to muddy things to such an extent that nothing is learned while everyone walks away disgusted.

I am reminded of these lyrics because of a current legal case that could have far reaching and profound consequences for this Republic. All Phillip Berg wanted to do is have his fears allayed and he asked a politician to please release some documents that could resolve the matter. Instead of releasing the documents that Phillip Berg think are important, the politician and his allies have dragged this matter into the court and are now waging a delaying action hoping Berg will give up.

What was the mantra in the 1960s? Oh yes, "Question authority." And that is what Berg is doing, questioning authority because he has misgivings about a candidate. So now he finds himself locked in combat with the party he has long supported. All because they think telling Phillip Berg to trust them should be enough.

In the end Berg's fight is our fight since he is trying to keep our political system free, fair, and most importantly transparent so there can be do doubt about who is declared the winner when it comes to voting on November 4th.

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