Friday, August 15, 2008


Well one result of Putin's rape of Georgia is Poland aligning itself even more firmly with the United States. Poland has accepted a US request to base a missile interceptor base on Polish soil. Another result of Putin's punitive pillaging of Georgia is Poland has secured assurances from the United States that Poland will not be alone if Russia looks towards Poland with covetous eyes like it has in the past.

One would think this might set off some alarm bells for Russia to tone the verbiage down and perhaps rein in their soldiers and allies rampaging through Georgia. That is not the case. Instead it provoked one of Putin's generals to threaten Poland with nuclear destruction. This is worse than the times when the USSR violently suppressed Germany, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia when the people demanded something better than Soviet imposed communism. This is nuclear extortion - behave or glow in the dark while puking your guts out.

Russia must pay for trying to act like a mafia capo shaking down the neighborhood. Brzeznski talks of boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. 2014 is too far in the future to serve as a lesson unless the IOC yanks the venue and awards it somewhere else right now. Newt Gingrich has suggested the US start getting that oil right now, drive the price for oil down, and cut Putin's budget for conquest while supplying ourselves and our NATO allies which would also insulate Europe from extortion by Putin's thugocracy. Russia needs to lose it's seat from the G-8. It should also be tossed out of sitting at NATO meetings. And when Putin demands WTO seating, laugh and laugh some more. Plus add Ukraine to NATO right now, followed by the admission of Georgia. These will serve as further rebukes to Russia and its imperial dreams.

The Rodina is acting like the Rodina always has in the past. The flag has changed, but dreams of being a feared world power have not. So Russia has resurrected plays from the old Soviet propaganda playbook. When a country tries to dissuade the Russian bear from eating it, Russia complains that country is provoking war. When the UK, France, and the US stood shoulder to shoulder in Berlin to resist Soviet's attempts to kick them out, as was their right under the treaty dividing Germany by the victorious powers, the Soviet Union called them the aggressors. When President Reagan, with the approval of the NATO allies, deployed Pershing missiles to counter the recent deployment of modern SS-20s in Eastern Europe by the Soviets, Reagan was called the war-monger. And when, later President Reagan saw a glimmer of light that would liberate the world from the radioactive spectre of nuclear Armageddon; the idea of salvation was denounced as destabilizing by the Soviet Union and its proxies around the world. So it should come as no surprise that Russia would rattle its sabre after conquering another small country like Finland to cow other countries, but the nuclear threat is truly alarming and should show others which country is a true threat to world peace.

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