Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saddleback, Obama's Waterloo?

With four words, Sen. Obama has probably cast himself away from the people he was trying to woo over to his side come November.

Many people expect certain things from their President. President Harry 'Give'm Hell' Truman had it on his desk: The Buck Stops Here.

What are these mysterious words that probably will sink Sen. Obama? Should these words be hung around his neck to warn people not to rely upon him? Perhaps.

The magic words are: "Above my pay grade." Thus speaketh a buck-passer and not a leader.


bebe's boobs destroy said...

Spot on Anna. I don't want this bozo taking any 0300 calls!

Anna said...

Let Barry go back to community organizing.

Mike's America said...

It was an illuminating moment. And that's exactly why we will not see Obama engage in the kinds of debates with McCain that he did during the primary process where such events were unavoidable.

Put aside for a moment the subject of the question and consider the broader implication of Obama's performance which showed a man unsure of how to express what he really believes and unsure of how to lead based on his beliefs.

That's not what we want in a Commander in Chief.

Anna said...

Exactly Mike, with Obama going around asking Michelle for advice or Michelle getting in his face to give him her ideas, it would make Obama Waffle-in-Cheif. Something the US does not need when some petty tyrant throws a curveball at 3am.

Dee said...

Extremely well said!!! I really couldn't believe he gave that answer. Uh, what person is above the "pay grade" of a president? Clearly, Obama is not ready for the national stage.

Anna said...

LOL Dee, if 'above my pay grade' did not prove Sen. Obama has the strength of character to be President then him rolling over for the Clintons at the convention should remove all doubt.