Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Drone

On the bright side, it means we have already moved Beyond the Biden Dome.


Mike's America said...

You don't sound too excited. To me it's a game changer that gives conservatives a reason to vote FOR McCain and not just against Obama.

RightWingRocker said...

It does, Mike.

Still, most conservatives still aren't going to vote McCain. This was an incredibly wise move for McCain who, despite his being wrong about so many things, has been saying and doing all the right things while the Donks have just been making fools of themselves.

Palin as a VP candidate will bring some conservatives around to be sure, but that's not really part of the McCain strategy. Conservatives have never been part of the McCain strategy.

What this choice does within the McCain strategy is simple: Palin will have decided appeal with swing voters and identity politics voters who identify with women.

The McCain strategy has always been about winning the swing voter and siphoning off Democrat votes, which will be a walk in the park given the choices the Dems have made. McCain will win this, probably in a landslide, but it won't have anything to do with conservatism. Palin is not there for that purpose. Yes, you will now have some conservatives voting McCain who otherwise wouldn't have, but the real motivation behind this move is to siphon off more Donk and swing votes.


Anna said...

Oh boy, I forgot to add the humor tag. I was taking a poke at how fleeting the media attention was on Obama and Binden. That I prefer the talk about Gov. Palin.

Mike's America said...

Thanks for clearing that up Anna.

As for what rwr said: "Still, most conservatives still aren't going to vote McCain."

I don't know where you get that impression. I find just the opposite to be true with over 90% of conservatives on board, excited and energized by McCain's choice. This proves to me that McCain doesn't take us for granted.

Or would you prefer Joe Lieberman?

Anna said...

Sen. Leiberman is okay, but him as VP. Oh boy, Sen. McCain might has well have sipped the political hemlock Friday then.

Now if Huckabee, who lusts for power, and Pat Buchanan can stop being the snarky kids throwing rocks, things might get even better.