Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Orleans - Nagin

Mayor Ray Nagin just had a press conference. Some highlights.

Bus pickups will officially end at noon for evacuees. They will continue bus runs to pick up stragglers until 2pm.

He is expecting the storm to strengthen back to Category 4 and move fast, though he is worried it will stall or shift to the east of projected landfall. If it moves fast, think smash and grab - briefly intense but not potentially fatal as it moves on. If Gustav stalls, smash and loot that will more than likely overwhelm the pumping stations and New Orleans floods. Actually Nagin is a bit wrong to worry about a landfall shift to the east since that would cause the north-east quadrant waves to shift further east also, so the waves would slam into Katrina devastated Waveland and Bay St. Louis and not the fragile New Orleans levees.

Starting at dusk today, a curfew will be imposed - dusk to dawn. Violate curfew, lockup - just not the big house like looters.

Looters will be swiftly locked up in the big house - Angola. No word yet on how many NOPD will join them in the cells ala Katrina.

Nursing home evacuations seem to have gone off successfully except for one nursing home. Gee that is freaking smart, remember how many died after Katrina at one nursing home. Bet a lot of families are taking their elderly out anyway from that place.

News Orleans is under a mandatory evacuation, both banks of the river.

Police and National Guard have been assigned sectors of the city to patrol.

Overall, this time Nagin seemed to be effective. And judging by how jammed some of the roads are, people are taking no chances either. Good for them. Be safe and may your homes be there when you get back.


Tom said...

Nagan has been burned once, and has learned from the first time. Sad that he didn't figure it out then

Anna said...

Too bad it took the deaths of 1300 of his voters to make him see the light. Or perhaps Gov. Jindal told him what to do.

Either way I am glad 90% of the residents of the state's coast have moved inland.