Sunday, August 31, 2008


Anyone who is not offended when someone makes a totally crass and tasteless comment on the imperiled lives of people, should be ashamed of themselves. Especially when that person makes it in an off-the-cuff joking manner with perhaps a sense of glee since it justifies their world view. Where have I seen that before? Oh right, those people who were jumping for joy and handing out candy after 9/11.

What event has me so excised that I am seeing red. That it causes my mental processes to freeze up as I realize this person values the lives of my relatives so little, he will use their fates for his petty and partisan gains. Enough with the pre-amble I think. This is what has me hopping mad at the mendacious, morally impaired, lying, carpet-bagging, good for nothing Democrat curs.

Caught on tape is former DNC Chairman Don Fowler calling Hurricane Gustav's impending devastation proof that god is on the side of the Democrats. He might be right, if the god in question is Moloch. Certainly not the Judeo-Christian Deity many in the Democrat party sneer at and make mockery of - to wit Nancy Pelosi.

There is something very wrong with a person's moral compass when they look at the Weather Channel or NOAA as the forecasters talk about a Category 4 hurricane striking the United States. A storm which will force the wind and water of it's north-east quadrant right into a damaged New Orleans that is still not ready for a Category 3 storm much less Category 4 only three years after Katrina and Rita plowed up the same area.

Such depraved people should never be let near any lever of power for they have not one drop of the milk of human kindness in their vains. FDR's Democratic Party is dead, it is now a shambling horror filled with hacks who only want to exercise power without regard to its cost. Delenda est Democrat Party.


Mike's America said...

It just shows how warped Democrat values have become.

McCain's theme for the GOP convention is "Country First" and in that spirit they are curtailing their opening festivities as it would be inappropriate to go on with such calamity on our doorstep.

Of course Dems will only laugh at that too. They would have no such qualms about putting on another of their Nuremburg rallies while Americans suffered.

Anna said...

It is hard not to rant and rave all day about the Democrats' lack of humanity. Everything is about politics and power to these idiots.

Sen. McCain and the convetion are doing the right thing by only having the opening and delegate verification before turning to matters like helping the affected states.