Wednesday, July 16, 2008

re: Andy Martin

I am glad I was being cautious even as I wrote some pretty prose whilst building a nice castle around Obama's family history problems or this might be a bit more tart of a corrections post.

Thanks to the snarky but helpful Diogenes in the comments on that post, some new information has been shown to me. Do I accept all this at face value? No since this is the Internet after all and its only moderately more reliable than Dan Rather as Diogenes has pointedly pointed out.

From his bio here on his site, Andy Martin is portrayed as a clear cut Crusader for the average man, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

First thing to tackle is the linkage between the guy Andy Martin and Anthony Martin that Wiki and Daily Kos makes. The two names are linked together in a 2003 article from Florida as being the same guy. The above article just says Martin has accused Ariel Sharon of being like Hitler, there are zero direct quotes of Martin saying anti-Semitic things. We do find such ravings in the judicial records as of Anthony Martin's tenacious and virulent legal career as the site Justia shows. Here is one example.
2. It is obvious that since September, 1980, my property has been subjected to a massive, continuing Holocaust by Jew judges and Jew lawyers. One cannot ram a never-ending stream of Jews down a man's throat for years, and expect a person to take it.

What also comes out of the Florida article is how eccentric Mr. Martin can be. Its as if he is the mad uncle in the family no one talks about except in whispers. One is not sure if Martin is Schliemann to be lauded and kvetched at various turns or simply Baron von Munchhausen seeking personal notoriety. All that is really known is it seems he seeks the spotlight, any spotlight at anyone else's cost.

Further digging at web-sites shown in the original article are interesting. Lets look at http://www.orangestatepress.com/ shall? It seems they are only selling one book, Andy Martin's. That is very strange. When I look up who owns the web-site it comes up being registered by GoDaddy for a company called DomainsByProxy. The site was registered just this past May 2008 also. To be complete, I also looked at http://www.contrariancommentary.com/ also. Guess what I found, it to was registered by GoDaddy for DomainsByProxy. Curious is it not? As for Andy Martin's website with the bio, it is registered out of Jupiter Beach, FL by another company.

So until Andy Martin actually delivers the goods with verifiable evidence, I am hearby evicting him as a source. Though Sen. Obama, please do release to many reporters your birth certificate, to be fair to Sen. McCain who was born in the Canal Zone. Thanks.


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