Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Just Too Busy...

...to visit wounded troops at Landstuhl.
He had the time to give a mediocre speech to 200,000 people in Berlin that tried to seem substantial. . 200,000 people who can't vote in the US election.
He also has time to start planning a transition team if he wins the election.
He also seems to be spending money on commercials for the Olympics in the People's Republic of China.
But he does not have time to visit the wounded soldiers.

We know what Obama's priorities are and they all seek to glorify Obama.

Update: It does not help counter the image of Sen. Barack Obama[D-IL] obsessively polishing his halo to learn why the Landstuhl visit was skipped. It seems the military said it was fine for the Senator and a few staffers to visit, but no media or cameras would be allowed. A military photographer would record the visit. So the junior Senator from Illinois passed up an opportunity to see some of his constituents and listen to them because he would not get air time for his presidential aspirations.

Obama - its all about the me 24/7.

Yet another update. It seems the Obama campaign is not smart enough to know when to quit digging the hole they find themselves in. If they had stuck with the original Obama explanation of not wanting to be a distraction to the wounded soldiers it might not have gotten this out of hand. But when people asked why he had time for a gym visit but not for the wounded soldiers, things started to spiral out of control. Now Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC is saying the Obama campaign is blaming the Pentagon who blocked things because one of Obama's advisers is retired military and the DoD would not let him visit because he is now a campaign aide. In fact Andrea Mitchell is saying there might be bad blood now between the Obama camp and the Pentagon. Give me a break! Sen. Obama can't go anywhere without someone to hold his hand? Dang someone tell Michelle her husband needs a parent 24/7 to keep him out of trouble. And this guy wants to be President? And he is getting in a pissing contest with the DoD over a screw up of his making. How petty, how Caligula.


Tom said...

And you were expecting anything else? Here's my take on it - Obama's Overseas Trip

Anna said...

Obama is proving he is not ready for primetime and being President of the US is nothing but Prime Time.

Diogenes said...

McCain was ready for primetime, but it was in 2000. Now he's that 3 AM infomercial.

Lots of folks think that Obama is ready, but even if you don't, at least Obama has the capacity to get better. McCain hasn't found a Fountain of Youth, so he's never going to get any better, he's just going to continue to deteriorate.

Anna said...

Diogenes, if ageism is the only thing you can ding Sen. McCain on, then you better tell Sen. Byrd to retire. And Sen. Reid while we are at it.

Diogenes said...

Oh, ageism isn't the only thing going against Senator McCain, by any means. And no, I won't ask him or Byrd or Reid or anybody else to retire. They're elected officials, and if their constituents are stupid enough to keep voting them in, so be it. I mean, hell, I wonder how many votes Strom Thurmond got even after he died?

And if the American people are stupid enough to elect McCain President with all the memory issues he's shown, we get what we deserve.

Mike's America said...

Wow! Those ageist remarks are nearly as offensive as the racist "house slaves" remarks directed at Condi Rice and Colin Powell or the "Uncle Tom" remarks directed at Justice Clarence Thomas.

It seems those who regularly chastise the rest of us for our politically incorrect speech should be a little more careful themselves.

It seems their new messiah has yet to transform them into the people they have been waiting for. All that peace, love and tolerance is just talk, talk and talk.

Anna said...

Mike, one would think Sen. Obama would want to debate Sen. McCain in townhall style meetings if, as Diogenes says, Sen. McCain has such memory lapses.

Instead Sen. Obama's campaign is agitating for three debates like we have already seen on both sides.

The Obama campaign reason? Don't want to blow their lead in the polls. Sounds like someone is fearful there.

Mike's America said...

Obama doesn't really have a lead in the polls. When you survey likely voters, as opposed to registered voters McCain gets the nod or Obama's lead is within the margin of error.

Enthusiasm for Obama among younger voters is starting to wane. And of course the youth aren't reliable voters.

Even "Obama Girl" skipped out on voting for her man in the primary. She said she was sick that day. No word on whether she had a doctor's not to excuse her.

Tom said...

At this point in time, Obama and McCain are in a statistical dead heat. Who knows what's going to happen in the next few months

Anna said...

Tom, you are right. Anything is possible with the Denver and Minn-St.Paul conventions still coming up. Hillary might stage a coup and dethrone Obama yet. And McCain could also implode.

Mike, I see those polls also. I was merely quoting the Obama camp. I think they are afraid if they did have a townhall debate between McCain and Obama, McCain would come across as an ornery but loveable grandfather while Obama would prove to be a snake-oil salesman in a Robert Byrd powder blue suit.

Anonymous said...

I heard revised numbers were in the range of only 20,000 for osamaobama. Outside of the trees in those pix it was EMPTY! Hey it was Germany, they were only there for da beer.


Anna said...

Oh my gosh!! Not for the One? Just for the sex, drugs, and rock&roll. wow poor Barry will be so depressed since these non-voters wont vote for him.

Hey remember when a Brit paper tried to influence an Ohio county to vote Kerry? Seems Dems never learn.