Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Free at Last!

Give praise and rejoice for the rescue of 15 people from the clutches of the FARC. Colombian military forces managed to whisk these people without an injury to any of the 15 kidnap victims.

Most famous of the rescued people is Ms. Betancourt, a dual national of Colombia and France, who has stood up to the drug cartels and a former presidential candidate for Colombia. She vanished into the jungle prison of the FARC in 2002 and has since become the most recognizeable victim as her family has campaigned with the Colombian and French governments for her release.

Also rescued are three American contractors who became prisoners when their counter-drug aircraft was forced down in an area that was controlled by FARC. For years their families have suffered the torture of not knowing while pursuing any means to get them back.

The other eleven are Colombian police officers and others who were kidnapped by the FARC and used like Betancourt and the Americans as bargaining chips to secure the release of FARC criminals held by the Colombian government lead by President Uribe.

Again, let us all rejoice in this miraculous rescue mission that went off without a hitch which has brought 15 people back into the world of freedom and the arms of their loved ones.

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