Saturday, June 14, 2008

That Sceptered Isle

As Ireland displays its independence, what of the other island that hangs off the western coast of Europe? What is happening there per chance?

With the Irish no vote, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is facing greater pressure to have a popular referendum on Lisbon instead of having Parliament approving the arcane and obtuse document. Time will tell if Brown will do that. With Ireland's no vote, Lisbon is already dead; so Gordon has nothing to lose by letting Her Royal Majesty's subjects vote on whether they want to be subjects to the court of Brussels. So it seems England will have some interesting times ahead politically.

Speaking of the Royals. We have yet another example of what a milquetoast Prince Charles is. The lady who has been his private secretary is being packed off to the country by the end of the year. Elizabeth Buchanan, who started out working for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has ably served by Prince Charles' side since 1998. What emerges also from this article is how petty and insecure the Duchess of Cornwallis is. And Charles, instead of proving he wears the striped pants in the family, is allowing Ms Buchanan to be packed off to her late father's farm in a scene that reminds one of a Jane Austen novel. Please Queen Elizabeth II set Prince Charles aside, even Prince William is far more preferable than this cuckold old man.

Men like Stephen Beerling deserve a monarch with more steel in his spine than Prince Charles. All Mr. Beerling was doing was minding his own business when he heard screaming coming from outside. Strapping on his artificial leg; the former Royal Navy man called the police, grabbed a truncheon, and went outside to see what was going on. He spied a female neighbor with her baby being harassed by two men and he set about trying to pacify the situation until the police arrived. Soon the Bobbies did arrive and arrested the two men. They also arrested Beerling because he had a truncheon in his pant's pocket. He was tossed in the goal for 12 hours and was facing prosecution. But luckily saner heads prevailed and charges against Beerling were dropped. Alas the charges against the two rowdies were also dropped. So in the end, if I was Mr. Beerling, I would be wondering if getting involved was worth all the hassle.


Anonymous said...

The most demanding and thankless offspring of the EU has' no 'to the Treaty of Lisbon and it paralyses the European mechanism. I cry in my corner while on a Dutch Internet unprecedented jubilation reigns. According to the responses from Europe and Brussels-haters in the Netherlands has the brave Ireland carried out a heroic, democracy a service and the Brussels fascism (real, here and there to read!) Is stopped.

This irrational distaste for an entity that, despite all its imperfections, our prosperity, welfare and peace has brought, remains surprised me. It's the Irish 'no' nothing heroic, just a poor lack of realism. In the course of the nineteenth century ran the (beautiful) island empty. Emigration seemed to many the only way to escape from a country that its own residents could not feed. Everything was better than poverty and hunger suffered by vaderlandse soil. The population slonk of 7 or 8 million to a paltry 3 million. When Ireland was a member of the EEC in 1973 was still the poorest country in Western Europe.

The story is familiar: after 35 years of membership and a sloppy 60 billion euros in European aid and subsidies, Ireland is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. This status was the land of the 'no' on its own strength can never achieve. It happened thanks to the concerted efforts of the European partners and their wonderful momentum of solidarity. Now the Irish rich and volgevreten, they obviously have every right to bite the hand that once fed them. Opportunisten have always been. Yes, but I already hear, you can not criticise European institutions or convention, because you're ever heavily subsidized? Yes, but if I no 'campaign in Ireland overzie, this seems in part from fear, protectionism and sometimes lies to be built.

The most ridiculous arguments during the campaign by the 'no' camp argued. Thus, the Treaty of Lisbon the detention of children over three years, forcing Ireland to Participate in wars and help legalize abortion. The Irish Labour leader Eamon Gilmore called it 'no' campaign 'hysterical', based on unfounded allegations according to which the treaty "our abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage will bring." Step than from the EU but equal, I would say, and no more stop hand. And for all those Dutch people who agitated yesterday feestvierden: ga please cooperate with those 'enlightened' Irish begin a new union and try to get the French (who, like the Dutch voted against the European Constitution) to get. A Europe of different speeds is perhaps the solution. Then it may seek new union of its three cheerful snail's pace.

Anna said...

Trouw, please see my comment in other thread you cut&pasted this to.

Mike's America said...

"Brusses haters?"

Count me in.

Mike's America said...


I meant!

Anna said...

As long as you dont say Brusses haters where the media can overhear you, then its 'potatoe' all over again. LOL

It seems there are alot of people in Europe who don't like Brussels. Still waiting on PM Brown to let the people of England vote on Lisbon.