Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Lets see its a serious crime for someone to steal your identity and rack up massive debt. But some think requiring picture ID to vote is a crime. But isn't voter fraud just the political version of identity theft?

Voter Fraud = Identity Theft

Maybe that is simple enough for those screaming about repression and keeping people from voting. Its more like picture IDs keep the wrong people from voting over and over again as you.


Mike's America said...

It's more than just stealing someone's identity to vote. It's registering false names to vote which steals away legitimate votes.

You remember the idiot in Ohio who registered Mary Poppins, Dick Tracey, George Forman etc. for a Dem/NAACP grour and then was suprised when he got caught?

They paid the guy with crack cocaine!

Anna said...

Roger that Mike. All I was trying to do was show how hypocritical to be for prosecuting identity theft while well nigh condoning voter fraud.