Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gotbaums Sue Pheonix

Everyone should remember the tragedy that happened last September 28 in Sky Harbor Airport. Carol Anne Gotbaum, after missing her flight and then being denied to board the next flight due to her disruptive actions, was later found dead in a holding cell at the airport.

Here is the video of Gotbaum acting erratic in the concourse. Notice how people are acting in reaction to her. Also notice how long the airport security and the police take before they physically restrain Ms. Gotbaum.

Here is an newscast from CNN on this case. I have to ask the Gotbaum's laywer, Michael Manning, how come the family's private medical examiner could not wait for Maricopa County Medical Examiner to release the rest of Carol's body so they could do an independent review? I would think they would want to be precise and thorough before launching a lawsuit.

What is known is Carol was traveling to Tuscon to enter alcohol rehabilitation. She was sent alone on an airplane flight to travel 2500 miles from her family and friends. She went to a sports bar at Sky Harbor and then went to the gate where her flight was supposed to leave. She got there after the last boarding call and was refused entry. Even Michael Manning admits she was possibly drinking at Sky Harbor. Toxicology report backs up she was drunk. So she waited for the next plane to Tuscon and this time was refused due to her erratic behavior. Which lead to the above video of an irate Carol on the concourse.

What is galling is the Gotbaum family demanding the police to be psychics. To know that Carol was merely emotionally fragile and needed a shoulder. Look at the video and the body language, the officers did try to talk to her and she was not receptive. When Noah himself could not bother to escort his wife and mother of his three children to where she could get the treatment she needed. When it took over 2 hours for Noah to call American Airlines about his wife's problems after last talking to her. So now they file an $8million lawsuit to assauge their guilt for abandoning Carol and projecting that failure upon the police officers of Phoenix. Looking at Stephen Craig's rebuttal to Manning's suit, it does not seem this suit has much standing. But juries can be fickel entities, lets hope this is not one of those weird judgements.

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