Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rainbow Six Gadget

If you are constantly annoyed by people shouting into their cellphones. Or jammed into an elevator with cellphone users. Perhaps trying to enjoy a movie but the person behind you is constantly getting calls and wont turn their phone off. If any of this has happened to you or something similarly, somebody has you in mind.

Techgadgetz has the answer. The T-1000 cellphone jammer is what they call it. Shut down calls in progress. Prevent calls from getting in. Area of effect is either ten feet or huge, depending upon which article you read and how far away the cell towers are. Create a bubble of silence and regain your peace of mind. And unlike Rainbow Six's tech ninja with his software based cellphone jammer, this little gem looks like a cellphone.

But beware, this item is considered illegal in some countries. Even if its legal in your bailiwick, use it carefully least the jammed cellphone users find you. Then you maybe testing how well your country's medical system is.

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