Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pulp History

This is just another reason why bureaucracies do not think like businesses. It seems UNESCO shifted their book operations from Paris to Brussels. And instead of going with a new location with larger facilities, they went with a smaller facility. Which meant many thousands of books would not be accommodated. Instead of having a book sale to recoup some of the money spent publishing these books or donating them for a tax write-off, UNESCO paid someone to pulp the books.

Judging by their past record on getting to the bottom of wrong-doing, no one will be held accountable for this monetary and literary fiasco. After all the money UNESCO spends is not money they earned, but money given to them by various governments like the United States.

I guess Bradbury got it wrong, in these more eco-friendly times 451F is too polluting.


Mike's America said...

Well, at least they recycled them! :)

What do you expect from the UN?

I don't know what is more egregious: the fact that they paid money for people to write histories or that they then destroyed their work. Seems both were a waste.

Anna said...

I have learned to expect nothing from the UN that can be construed as good.

And just remember the likes of Clinton and Obama want the US to give more money to the UN.