Monday, April 28, 2008

The Palestinian Matrix Movie

This is a six minute segment in a very odd movie by Elie Sulieman called Divine Intervention. Made in 2002 its supposed to be about the happenings around an Israeli checkpoint. Then almost at the end of the movie we are treated to this scene. In the end credits its called the Palestinian Ninja Scene.

When these 'Israeli commandos' go through their firing dance routine, I am reminded of those PA police training videos. Only thing missing are the flaming hoops. It is also redolent in symbolic imagery, can almost smell the napalm on this one. From the crown of bullets, to the crescent&star darts, the sling, and her shield being in the shape of the state of Israel plus Occupied Terrortories leaves no doubts towards who is leaning where.

John Woo please call your office since someone is ripping you off.


Mike's America said...

Too strange!

Anna said...

I have shown this clip to anime and science fiction fans. The reaction has been unanimous: My brain hurts.

Mike's America said...

I guess it's no wonder I see so few new films these days.

but Ironman looks good.

Anna said...

Ask and ye shall receive Mike. Iron Man. :)