Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big 0

As Sen. Barack Obama[D-IL] stumbles towards the tantilizing goal of being the Democrat's Presidential candidate, it seems he can not keep from tripping himself. He went to a diner for a meet&greet at breakfast, when a reporter asked him a question Obama whined about why he can't eat his waffle.

Him eating a waffle seems so appropriate as the following story gleamed from the May 2008 issue of the NRA's American Rifleman points out.

Lets flash back to December 2003 in the town of Wilmette. There a gentleman named Hale DeMar was safely in his house with his family on the night of the 28th when a serial thug broke into the household and proceeded to steal what he could, including the house keys and DeMar's SUV. Eventualy the police showed up after the thief had fled. Next night the thief returned and used the house keys to get in. The house alarm system went off. Hale had also pulled out of his safe a legally bought handgun, fearing for his children, confronted and shot the burglar who then fled. The crook was arrested at a hospital where he had driven DeMar's stolen SUV, naturally he had a very long criminal record. Cook County eventually said DeMar's use of a firearm was justifiable, but the township of Wilmette felt differently. DeMar, by owning that handgun, violated Wilmette's ban and they took DeMar to court as a danger to the community.

The hue and cry was heard all the way to the state capitol where Barack Obama was a state senator. The Illinois House and Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill that would protect such people as DeMar from carpicious punishment when using a handgun in self-defense. The vote in the Senate was 38 yeas to 20 naes. Obama was one of the naes. When the governor vetoed the bill, Obama voted to support the governor's veto. The House and Senate of Illinois overrode the veto and that law is now in force.

Sen. Barack Obama[D-IL] has an anti-gun track record that belies his silver-tongued use of the phrase 'common sense gun safety.' Tell me Sen. Obama, what do you consider common sense? Judging by your votes to punish Hale DeMar for defending his family, your idea does not match mine. Now get your stinking mitts off my guns as they are protected by the Second Amendment. In fact, go eat that waffle and stuff your face so I don't have to hear you lie again.

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