Saturday, March 01, 2008

Word of the Day

I think I shall try to tackle something new, when an idea or concept strikes me to post it and see what everyone thinks of it. So here it goes.

BetaMarx adj - When you have heard the same leftist talking points from the bazillionth droid.
Possible use in a sentence: "Is he live or BetaMarx?"


Mike's America said...

I had to read the word twice.

At first I thought it said "Betamax."

I know I just gave away my age there!

Timothy said...

I like it. Good word!

Anna said...

Mike, LOL Dont fret. TV media still uses BetaMax recorders due to its superior quality. Which may explain why some have this lag in understanding the new media.

I could have said Memorex also. But BetaMarx implies we are getting the vapid talking points in living colour and sound. Helen Thomas is full colour, *twitch*

Timothy, glad you like. :) Hopefully I can come up with some more.