Friday, March 21, 2008

Scream Victim!

Okay lets get this straight, spelunking in government files for dirt on a political opponent is plain wrong. But this dictum is more often observed in the breach, just ask Jerri Ryan.

It seems contractors at State Department, never a fan of the current administration I must point out, have been caught rooting around Sen. Barrack H. Obama's passport files. Three separate times in fact, two contractors have been fired and the third disciplined for the snooping.

Naturally the Obama camp is in full 'Lets start the Inquisition mode' for this.

"This is an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years," Burton said. "Our government's duty is to protect the private information of the American people, not use it for political purposes."

Methinks they doth protest too much in an attempt to draw attention away from serious problems in the Senator's campaign to be President. Like Rezko and Wright and Michelle.

The article that tells this sordid tale is just a wee bit biased. It mentions previous skullduggery in only one case, that of Bush 41 in which some people did "stupid, dumb, and partisan" actions digging through Bill Clinton's travels in college, like going to the USSR during the Vietnam War to protest that war. So there is a bit of bias that favors Obama's camp in this article as it takes swipes at President Bush and the anchor to Hillary's claims of having experience - Bubba. Though the writers of this AP piece seem to miss a very important case of dirty tricks from the Clinton White House, namely how did 900 FBI files on Republicans end up in the White House being looked at by a staffer that Hillary disowned quicker than she ever will Bill.

But I might bet dollars the Obama camp will use this as proof that the Man is out to keep African-Americans down and thereby they will try to keep peddling the vicious brand of class-warfare that black liberation theology is all about. Unfortunately Obama's speech has turned off many moderates and independents, especially his attacking his own grandmother as an excuse to keep from repudiating totally Wright. So this probably wont get any traction with swing votes. it just shows both the Clinton and Obama camps are obsessed with Bush and the past. Some forward looking candidacy in that case.

Update - Well looks like the Obama camp will have to muzzle their outrage and screams of victimization. It seems these snoopy contractors also looked at Sen. Clinton's passport file and that of Sen. McCain's. Secretary of State Rice has apologized personally to Sen. Obama and it seems a serious investigation has been launched since one person took a gander at all three files. We will find out if this was a spur of the moment lets look at the candidates urge or something more serious. If more serious, that person needs to be skinned and their pelt posted to the front entrance at the State Department as a warning.

Final thought on the Obama camp. With them reeling from Rezko and Wright along with Michelle Obama's outlandish rhetoric, ever get the feeling, a dreaded feeling of deja vu, that this should be a reality TV show on MTV and not a presidential campaign?


Anonymous said...

Did it occur to anyone else that prior to this personal revelation by Barak Obama regarding his minister and his need to speak to the race issue..40% of Americans felt Barak Obama's religious affiliation was Muslim? Now they know. This appears to me as a perfect orchestration of political prowess by the Obama team. Release the Rezko update, address the screaming 'racist' all on a Friday afternoon. Then, let it fester for the weekend with an announcement of a major speech on 'race' on Tuesday.
This tactic negated the admission by the Obama campaign that once again, a new set of circumstances regarding the Rezko growing donor list and trial.
Interestingly, the speech once again enflamed the racist angle by comparing Mrs Ferraro to Reverend Wright. How can African Americans as a core group not feel like a lost 'race' in the United States when the 'race' is pushed out and roped in at the whim of Barak Obama when he first needs a launching base to make a name for himself..second disavows the 'race' while he says he transcends 'race' and ignores the plight of the Jenna 6. Once again he reaches for the 'race' to propel him forward in a caucus..giving his stump speech in 'black speak' accent on ya'all..throws the 'race' back in the closet as he denies his faith and once again open the wounds by declaring himself the 'uniter'.
Uniter of what? A country that has long lived, since the late 60's in relative comfort with all races and religions. My street is a great mix..we have black, white, christians, jews, homosexuals and a lot of pets. It is my choice as a free citizen to attend any function, church, lecture or movie, I choose. If I ever get the inclination to go to South Central, Los Angeles, I am as uncomfortable in that neighborhood, as someone from South Central,would feel in my neighborhood. The same goes for Koreatown and Chinatown. That is the beauty and the beast we describe as our country.
Our choice-not Obamas business or political ploy used as chicanery to influence an election. The greatest speech ever given on the subject of 'race' began when our forefathers landed on this soil and wrote the rest of the story they called the Constitution. It describes what I believe most thinking Americans long for..a place to call home.
All the while his campaign saying a redo was OK in MI and FL but working to destroy the redo by running the clock.
I have to hand to to BO as this is as low as it gets. To stir the racial pot to subjugate impropriety on the state level and gain enough media attention to disenfranchise millions of 'folks' by not addressing their voting concerns in two populace states.
Unbelievable-and CNN focuses on the dates of liaisons with Monica Lewinsky as the sole information worth garnering from 11,000 pages of documentation of data 'everyone' was salivating over that are obviously very public thanks to the Ken Starr authority.
Is there reality reporting going on?

Anna said...

All Sen Barrack H. Obama craves is to sit in the chair in the Oval Office. He will do anything to get there. He will associate with Black Panthers and other peddlers of armed class warfare until the spotlight is shined. Then he will toss them to the alligators thinking that will appease his supporters and let him continue on his quest for power. When that is not enough, he pulls out the 'victim' card on his race and expects that to work. Barrack Obama will say anything or do anything, even if it makes him sell his reputation cheaply, to gain that brass ring inscribed with the address 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As for any serious reporting, alas that has not been spied in most newsrooms since some intrepid reporters hooked Richard M. Nixon. Consindering how thin some of the hit pieces have been from the phony TXANG memos to ex McCain staffers 'thinking' McCain might be starting to like a lobbyist, I hope they have hit rock bottom and can only go up from here. But I am not betting on it.