Saturday, March 08, 2008

A New Hope for the Democrats

With rhetoric like the following, I bet the Democratic faithful who are saddened by the smearing of the New Camelot would be flocking to vote for this person who speaks truth to power.

"They all keep saying 'change, change,' " he continued, adding Hillary Clinton to his reference. "They want to change America and its current political system. They want to make a change in their lives. They say their system is a failure, that their government is a failure, and that their elections are a failure."

Unfortunately the speaker of these words is barred from running for President of the United States. He is after all, Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya.


Mike's America said...

links between Obama's pastor and Khaddafi, so maybe Obama just stole some of old Muammar's speeches like he does everyone else.

Anna said...

They all crib from the same playbook so to expect originality would be classified as a minor miracle.

Obama's 'Christian' pastor is just another leftist who dressed up his class warfer in religious garb. Along with his hatred.