Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeremiah Wright

I am going to say only a few things on this person.

Has this man ever really studied logic/logos? When he screams from his bully pulpit about calling on the Divine to damn America, has he really thought it through or he uses it because it sounds good? Is not Wright an American citizen? Isn't the people proclaiming loudly with the 'Amens!' every time Wright damns America Americans? I think they are. So in effect Jeremiah Wright is damning himself and all of his followers to Hell.

Then there is the whole theological problem. In a broad sense Christian teaching is about how our actions or in-actions can lead to Salvation or Damnation. But the only one who can truly pronounce such Damnation is G_d Himself. Not a mere mortal. So again Wright is wrong. And those who follow him, follow a path away from Salvation. Well before someone points it out, yes there is the concept of Divine Grace saving people from perdition, but it is more common due to Puritan/Protestant antecedents that we humans must work for Salvation. By Divine Grace or by our own work, Wright denies both with his proclamations as if he himself is the almighty.

Jeremiah Wright is so far off the reservation of what is Christian theology and ministry, he might as well be playing in Hells Acres.


Mike's America said...

"Jeremiah Wright is damning himself and all of his followers to Hell."

This is excatly the problem with self loathing liberals.

We deserved to get hit on 9/11. We're an awful country and God Damn us all.

It's amazing that Pastor Wright would describe Obama as just another poor schlub from the wrong side of the tracks. Both Barrack and Michelle are well educated and not at all poor.

Anna said...

They preach self-hate to make everyone feel so downtrodden. And they keep at it until the people believe only the harbinger of doom&gloom can save them. That feeling of malaise thing, writ large.

As for Barack and Michelle being of the oppressed class, just another lie since it fits their tautology called victimology. You MUST vote for Sen. Obama or you a race traitor going to Hell. What a lovely choice huh? Well Hillary is not much of a better alternative.. perdition in a handbasket.

Timothy said...

Hi Anna,
I used your quote from my comment section in my post today about this. You hit the nail on the head, it's liberation theology at its worst.
Thanks for your insight. I must confess, the man so offended my senses that I was having trouble figuring out why.

Anna said...

Not a problem Timohty, some people and their antics make my blood boil, which prevents clear thinking. That is when you must step back, go into neutral or analytical mode, and seriously ask youself - what is this guy trying to push. If you react in offended mode, like Donahue tends to do to defend Catholicism, then you come off sound just as nutty as the guy who set you off. Or to put it more prosaicly, when you wrestle with a pig all you do is get yourself muddy and the pig annoyed.

Glad I could be of help. Working together, gung-ho, we can push back the encroaching darkness.

Always On Watch said...

Jeremiah Wright is so far off the reservation of what is Christian theology and ministry, he might as well be playing in Hells Acres.

I agree.

But according to some defenders of Wright, this type of preaching goes on in certain churches throughout America. I don't know it that's true, but it if it is, America is going to divide again along racial lines.

In any case, the UCC is standing behind Wright. See this.

Anna said...

AoW, I saw the supportive piece AP ran to rebrand Wright as a prophet and not a revolutionary. The choice of the word revolutionary is very telling in itself.

Go check out Timothy's posts on Wright. Obama in his own boook describes how Wright is familiar with 'black liberation theology.' Do some churches preach this kind of dogma - that wordly social justice is so important that it eclipses actual spirtual teachings? If it makes the people think they are victims and only the ministry like Wright's can save them. Then yes it is happening. Unfortunately the more I think on this, the more I get vibes about a jungle clearing littered with bodies. It is a very fine line between devotion and fanaticism.

And for twenty years Sen. Obama, his wife, and his children have sat through this man's sermons. Sen. Obama has used Wright as a spiritual sounding board. And only now Sen. Obama repudiates the most hateful of Wright's teachings? I am sorry I don't believe it, Sen. Obama is running for cover because he values worldly power above the fate of his own soul. So Sen. Obama will sell his soul to gain the world.