Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Comes Under Fire

from the usually friendly media. But with the Obama/Wright flap chumming up the waters followed by the verbal mud-slinging both sides are engaging in, it is any surprise that the media is circling both camps like sharks who sense something is floundering and bleeding?

Which means some are focusing again on Hillary's magical and dangerous trip to Bosnia in which she dragged her daughter Chelsea along. I have done a post before on this, but now the media jackals have dug through their video archives and produced proof Hillary was not running for her life.

First off, what kind of parent would send their teenage daughter into a 'hostile' environment. None. That is Strike One. If you are stupid enough to send your wife and daughter, wouldn't you want a heavier protective detail than is shown while also wearing helmets and body armor? Strike Two. Strike Three is no one in the video is really hunched over and running for cover, they are hunched over slightly just to stay clear of the blades and that's it.

Why should anyone vote for Hillary Clinton? She thinks all of us are gullible fools by trying these kinds of bald-faced lies. Why is she even in the Senate? She thinks she is smart enough to lead the United States, but she got fooled by President Bush to vote for the invasion of Iraq. Something does not compute capiche? And the truly sad thing is, she would be a far better choice as President than Sen. Obama would be. Where has the Democrat Party gone that produced the likes of Truman? Caught the last train to the coast the day the music died.

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