Friday, February 29, 2008

Two Visions

First we have Sen. Barack Obama's vision on how he will lead the United States as President.

Then we have Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's vision on how she will be an effective President.

Well I would play her 'Phone call at 3am' video clip but it seems Sen. Clinton's site is experiencing technical diffiiculties at the moment since the above is NOT the commercial. This is the link.

You decide, but choose wisely.


Mike's America said...

The phone call comes at 3 AM. Hillary answers and the caller hangs up. Advanced White House Caller ID indicates it was Monica Lewinsky, perhaps looking for Bill.

P.S. That Obama video has been making the rounds. It's downright scary and in Obama's own words.

The dictators in Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang must be laughing their asses off.

Anna said...

Its Three AM and Bill is Loose, again. Yeah video pundits have been running with it. BUt got to give HIllary props for a scorched earth campaign, by putting this video out, even if she loses to Obama, opens the door for McCain to gut Obama on epxerience. Expecially since one of his Harvard eggheads in 2002 advocated Bush invade Israel and force peace.

Which means if McCain has to run against Obama in 08 and beats him, it clears the way in 12 for Hillary to run again. Tuesday is dawning for the Democrats.

Anna said...

Obama is such a naif. You are right, dictators are looking at this this and are needing depends since they are laughing so hard. Obama has declared the US will be a willing internation mugging/extortion victim.

Obama stands a chance, if he somehow becomes President, of being worse than Carter.