Saturday, February 16, 2008

Say Anything, Do Anything Team Clinton

We all saw this one flip-flop coming. It's just amazing what people will do to further the interests of Team Clinton's lust for power. Even if it makes them look like the partisan hack we think they are, they will suck it up and do it all for the Clintons. What selflessness; why not seen it I think since some misguided people put little headbands on, climbed into airplanes, and flew off for one-way missions. Too bad the Clintons would never willingly take a grenade for these loyal troops in return, but that is another matter.

It seems Harold Ickes, who supported the DNC's stripping of Michigan and Florida of its delegates, is now all for undisenfranchising the voters of these two states. Their votes matter and blah blah blah.

How does Icke manage to explain away his sudden reversal of course?

Ickes explained that his different position essentially is due to the different hats he wears as both a DNC member and a Clinton adviser in charge of delegate counting. Clinton won the primary vote in Michigan and Florida, and now she wants those votes to count.
"There's been no change," Ickes said. "I was not acting as an agent of Mrs. Clinton. We had promulgated rules and those rules said the timing provision ... provides for certain sanctions, automatic sanctions as a matter of fact, if a state such as Michigan or Florida violates those timing provisions."
"With respect to the stripping, I voted as a member of the Democratic National Committee. Those were our rules and I felt I had an obligation to enforce them," he said.

The man should really stick to wearing one hat. Might save him one day from wearing a coonskin hat to a PETA convention. Note he says it is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman who somehow managed to keep her name on the ballots in those sanctioned states, who wants the votes to count.

As we read more of this story, it highlights all the fermenting schisms that make up the Democractic Party. The Superdelegates might throw the vote to Hillary. Seating the sanctioned delegates from Michigan and Florida without a revote will give Hillary the win.

"The Clinton campaign should focus on winning pledged delegates as a result of elections, not these say-or-do-anything-to-win tactics that could undermine Democrats' ability to win the general election." - Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said.

And the final howler, Harold Ickes expects the DNC head Howard Dean to somehow conjure a rabbit from his hat, magically knit the fractious party together, and render unto the masses a multiplying of the votes so one of the two will become President.

This could be a real sartorial war as the silk gloves come off to reveal knuckle-dusters underneath. Stay tuned everyone.


Bob McCarty Writes said...

Ickes is the "finger in the wind" of the Clinton Political Machine. When the wind's blowing with 'em, he's against counting Michigan and Florida delegates. When the wind's blowing against 'em, his tune changes. Nothing new.

Anna said...

I hear you, do whatever say whatever to win win win. Which post Wisconsin is going to make things even more interesting.