Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michelle’s Pride

By now everyone is squaring off on what Michelle Obama had to say about being proud to be an American for the first time in her life. To me this just begs another question, what exactly in American history doesn’t she take pride in?

Could it be Crispus Attucks who died at the Boston Massacre?
The Massachuettes unit that was portrayed in the movie Glory, no stirring of pride?
What about George Washington Carver?
Or Joe Lewis giving Max Schmeling the business in the ring?
Jesse Owens winning gold at Munich against the vaunted Master Race?
How about all the Tuskegee Airmen who proved they were just as good as anyone else?
Martin Luther King Jr standing in front of the National Mall inspiring millions, no twinge?
Did Michelle feel proud when Guy Buford soared into space?

If Michelle Obama did not feel the slightest bit of pride for being an American from any of this, then she certainly has a strange defintion of being American. And strangely enough this also Black History Month.


Timothy said...

I think she is just another angry liberal. They are always mad at something... it's in their nature. I wonder how she will feel when Obama loses.

Anna said...

Not angry per se, just like all socialists who see their dreams of utopia crushed by a better system they are envious. So they will exaggerate the shortcomings and twist things until it seems their very flawed system is better.

One just has to look at the wasteland Eastern Europe became under Communist socialism to see how it failed. Or even now as Mugabe turns Zimbabwe into a festering pit of despair when once the coutry was productive and prosperous.