Monday, February 25, 2008

Attack of the Killer Egg Salad

Cue up cheesy 80's movie theme music maestro!

Sit right back and hear a tale of a fateful trip down Texas way. Where Kid Obama went to greet his adoring fans as he campaigns to unseat the Wicked Witch of Hope and New York.

Alas it seems not all is sweetness and light in Obamaland. Even as Renegade bonds with his Secret Service detail by shooting hoops, others worry Obama might suffer the fate of two Kennedy brothers and the good Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. IE: Assassination.

And today it seemed their fears were almost realized as a Texas state employee tried to brush past the protective cordon around Obama. As Tracy Firsching tried to get past the agent after telling him 'You going to have to arrest me," he grabbed her arm. She turned into him with what she was carrying and struck him. So right now Tracy is in the clink charged with assault on a public servant which could net her ten years in prison. What was Tracy's dreaded assault weapon you may ask? Well it was a bowl of egg-salad, which begs the question could this be the sequel to What's Up Tiger Lilly?

Even as people like Rep. Bennie Thompson worry about real threats to Obama's safety, the moonbats are straining at their leash howling at non-existent threats. Some think the Secret Service itself is conspiring to get Obama killed. Suddenly my Tiger Lilly joke is seriously un-fun as these folks are crazier than bed-bugs. These loons think the Secret Service is a monolithic institution akin to the old Roman Praetorian Guard that did on occasion kill an Emperor to put one they liked on the throne. This is how fleeting their grasp on reality is, that they can make such a leap. Perhaps they have watched Oliver Stone's JKF one too many times and that has become their worldview.

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