Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year Wishes

  1. Pakistan does not devolve into anarchy.
  2. That in November a centrist with honor and common sense is elected in the US.
  3. That the fringe candidates go gently into the night showing dignity.
  4. The unification and healing in Iraq proceeds allowing more soldiers to return home.
  5. Osama bint Laden finds himself working as a telemarketer for the Nigerians.
  6. Israel's security gets better while Fatah and Hamas find no one cares about them anymore.
  7. Due to writers strike, the Academy Awards lasts barely ninety minutes.
  8. Lebanon does not fracture even as Syria keeps meddling and assassinating.
  9. Amadjihadi finds himself out of a job and relegated to tending Iran's ram clone Royana.
  10. And lastly that the distaff side of the Spears family finally learn about cause&effect.

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