Sunday, January 06, 2008

From Hell's Heart

I Stab at Thee.

For a poor schmuck with barely 10 months left employed as President, one would think the hounds would find another fox or possum to tree. Reading Michelle Malkin, it seems some hounds are so stuck in how they course, even now they still go after President Bush. But if one is known by the quality of one's enemies, well President Bush needs an upgrade: George McGovern and Vigo Mortensen plus the ACLU are still tilting at his windmill squawking for impeachment.

Can I toss a sabot at these fools?


Dee said...

It is all just so pathetic. I saw Viggo Mortenson on Fox News tonight and its just so hard to believe he supports Kucinich and bashes Bush. His IQ must be like 10 and I'll never quite enjoy another movie with him in it as much. Sigh......

Anna said...

Strong emotion like strong spirit clouds the intellect. And like a wino sucking on that 40oz, the likes of Vigo have been sucking on BDS so long that is all they think about. I am pretty sure they expect for Bush to still delcare martial law to stay in power and not let the likes of Huckabee or Obama become President. And when it fails to happen, a lot of families will be thankful they live in one-story houses or offices who's windows are sealed.

Maybe I should look into investing into BDS rehab clinics before the November election?

ZK273 said...

It's like I always say: BDS isn't a diease, it's an addiction.

ZK273 said...

Ugh, that should be "disease."


Anna said...

DK, I understood you. LOL

So BDS is like saying 'Duuuddee!! Put down tha bong!'