Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cool Cash Contests

The turgid path to justice for Rep. William Jefferson [D-LA] has finally come to a courthouse. Today Jefferson might testify in these pre-trial motions. If he does, it will be interesting to hear his take on $90,000 in marked bills found in his freezer. Though news agencies are reporting he is attempting to get that evidence suppressed saying agents overstepped their bounds while executing a search warrant. They are even trying to suppress Jefferson saying in front of agents ‘What a waste.’ as they showed him footage of him accepting the bribe from a federal informant.

He is also hopping mad at the prosecutors repeatedly naming companies and contracts that are in the name of his wife, his brother, and even in the names of his daughters claiming they merely formed businesses on their own, that he had nothing to do with it even if these businesses interacted with other businesses that benefited William Jefferson or benefited from William Jefferson’s political patronage. Prosecutors have not charged any of the other people in the case, contending that William Jefferson was the focus for this whole enterprise. Which, in my layman’s read on this matter, may mean this is RICO territory and William Jefferson is going to get hammered and all his extended assets, even those in the names of family members, could be seized if prosecutors prove this was a criminal enterprise.

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