Monday, January 07, 2008

AQ in the OC

For a new year, it sure has been busy down in the AQ production facilities located somewhere deep in the bowels of Shaitan. First Osama bint Laden is heard to warble calling for AQ uber alles while denying any responsibility for the failures of his unholy warriors in Iraq.

Now we got al-Amriki braying. President Bush is scheduled in a few days to tour countries like Israel and Egypt in pursuit of that mythical beastie called Peace. Gadahn wants the 'crusader Bush' to be met with bombs instead of flowers. He also calls Iraq and Afghanistan victories against the West. Really? They just clocked the 20,000th jihadi KIA in Iraq and in Afghanistan the Taliban dead-enders don't even have a village to hang their coat in. In the West we would call these Phyrric victories. And the way al-Amriki focuses on drugs and flashbacks in describing the US, I guess he must have partaken of the forbidden fruit himself and think its endemic of all infidels. Talk about projecting.

Since Gadahn is wanted for treason by the US, anyone who has info on his locale please report it so a Reaper can drop a 500lb JDAM. Then let him try to get into Paradise.

And before I forget, Gadahn once before predicted the streets of America would run red with blood. So far him and his killer homies have failed on that promise. And I expect them to keep on failing for they are evil killers with delusions of conquest, who dream of lording it over all others.

AQ uber alles? Nein. AQ unter alles? Ja.


Myrtus said...

hah you nailed it Anna! And I love the word play, simply genius! :D

Anna said...

LOL, Najia I wish I could take credit for the wordplay but all I am doing is borrowing something co-fascists suffered in WWII. Allied prisoners, when not busy trying to escape, would bait the German guards by singing 'Deutschland unter alles' plus other less printabale alliterations just to say they kept fighting the Huns or Krauts or Nazis. ^_^