Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Voice Is Silenced

Today a very brave person died in one of the more horrific ways possible, via assassination. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was killed while she campaigned for another term in that post. She came back to Pakistan knowing full well some wanted her dead. She had already survived other attempts, alas this time the AQ thugs succeeded in murdering her.

Lets remember her for what she was, the first woman to lead an Islamic country in a democratic way. A woman who braved death to accomplish that achievement. Who survived being overthrown and was possibly on the cusp of leading Pakistan again.

Lets put away the political calculations that seem to define everything and the macabre blame game some seem to revel in. Lets remember a human being was murdered and no one deserves to be murdered.

By their deeds, thou shall know them. By such horrendous deeds AQ proves once again how evil they are as they brutally push their barbarian agenda.


Bandit said...

Ms. Bhutto and her father and husband were third world kleptocrats in the fashion of the Marcoses and looted Pakistan for over $1B. They made common cause with the terrorists to stay in power to steal. He liberality consisted of her view of access to the gov't coffers and humanitarian aid. She may have had her good points but whatever they were they certainly had little to do with Democracy.

Anna said...

You think I am not aware of these facts of yours? I am merely mourning the death of a fellow human being at the hands of beasts. I chose to remember in my post the positive points sans the political claptrap that does surround this event.

I come here not to praise Ceaser but to bury him. Is that what you want to do, bury her and forget her because she was not perfect in your eyes?

Mike's America said...

The Bhutto's weren't perfect. They were just better leaders than anyone else in Pakistan.

Bill Gertz's column "Inside the Ring" is laying blame at the foot of the State Dept:


I'm sure some of that is fair criticism of the State Dept.

Blame also has to go to Benazir Bhutto for emerging up through the sunroof of her SUV and giving the monsters who killed her their chance.

Now, all Pakistan pays the cost.

Anna said...

Mike, I read the same article. Which allowed me to make the connection between that HALO video and Dem foreign policy.

We kept prodding and prodding Pakistan to move at the pace bureaucrats at State wanted and not what reality in Pakistan would allow. Was she wrong to stand up considering other attempts? If so she paid for it, but how else would she prove to the undecided in Pakistan she was brave unless she faced the thugs down.

So now everyone has to worry if Mussharef can hold on least it descend into true anarchy with Pakistani nukes in the mix of things to be looted. This should be giving everyone heartburn.

Mike's America said...

It was a great idea to have Musharraf and Bhutto work together, but that deal should have been carved in stone before Bhutto returned.

I don't know who is to blame. I'm wondering if the State Dept. did push this before it was ready.

Now, everything is a mess and Musharraf is in an even worse position with no good options in sight.

Anna said...

Musharref is not helping things with the ever changing cause of death. I hope Scotland Yard is given free reign on the investigation. And that Musharref has enough common sense not to tamper with the results.

I just hope with the election delay and this international arrival, things go back down to a mean simmering.