Friday, December 21, 2007

Sayings According to the RonPaul

Ya know its Christmas time and most people spike the egg-nog, only Paulians would spend the season spiking online polls.

Like a ball of yarn dipped in cat-nip, so too are the days of Paulian lives.

It just doesn’t flow: Springtime for Ron Paul and America….

Hey Ron Paul-baby, got this bud named Anubis. Shoo in to get you the PETA vote. Now just stand on this giant scale. Oh don’t pay attention to the feather in the other scale. This is a perfect photo-op baby!


Mike's America said...

"Springtime for Ron Paul and America"

Too funny.

There were a bunch of them along the highway waving their signs in a pouring cold rain on Saturday.

What nit wits! Don't even know to get out of the rain.

Merry Christmas Anna!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Merry Christmas!

Wonder what the Ronulans will do when their Constitutional Pied Piper fails to get the nomination.

Anna said...

Mike! I am shocked I tell ya to hear you compare stupid domesticated turkeys with Paulians. I am sure somewhere there is some advocacy group who will picket and demand an apology PDQ for you daring to suggest that. Unless the Paulians were looking up into the rain with their mouths open... then well we got Darwin Award candidates.

Wordsmith, I hope they have enough sense to fold their tent and regroup. And not be like the Chicago Eight or those who went to join their comet mothership.

And yes I know some call them Ronulans but that is way too close to Romulans, Original series Romulans were honorable double-dealing villians. So far no Paulian from Ron Paul on down has shown any sense of honor, just pure selfishness. Which reminds me of Klingons. Dang, time to call out the TP Patrol.

And Merry Christmas to both of you.