Thursday, December 20, 2007


Like conquering co-Ghengis Khans, Pelosi and Reid rode in upon their war horses named MoveOn and CodePink. They rode down the aisles of the Capitol, trampling under all those who dared oppose their self-anointed crusade against President Bush. They did not let friend or foe stay their mighty hand, as Jane Harmon and Joe Leiberman both felt the lash of their displeasure along with Republicans. Every pronouncement of theirs echoed that of a pack of lions signalling a successful hunt.

Alas like juvenile lions learning to hunt, day after day their bold hunts fizzled or fell far short of expectations. No impeachments were ever issued. Their attempts to force a with drawl deadline on President Bush failed repeatedly even as Reid crowed about defeat in Iraq and held a sleep-in to show how serious he was, too bad Reid never showed for his own sleep-in. Not to be outdone, Pelosi roared that her House would be the most ethical and open ever seen, so she puts an impeached judge turned representative onto an important committee while trying to steer the House King of Pork into another plum assignment. Meanwhile the transparency of ear-marks, one of the nags they rode into power on, became instead more obscured.

Once the biological waste product was cleared from the steps of the Capitol, what victories did the 110th Democratic controlled Congress achieve? The Surge is working, the Pentagon is busy drawing down the troop strength in Iraq as the situation warrants, which judging by the decline in violence in Iraq and the number of tips average Iraqis are turning in that situation is improving. But Pelosi and Reid lead the charge against the Surge, so we have to mark this as an abject failure. SCHIP funding will continue until 2009, but this is not the vastly expanded version Democrats wanted, so another failure for them. President Bush is still Commander in Chief with approval ratings that stayed in the 30% range, but Congress' approval rating plummeted to almost single digits so we have to consider this another failure. Even in the waning days of 2007, the omnibus spending bill that Reid and Pelosi trucked to President Bush is a victory for Bush and another acknowledgement of failure on the part of Democrats because the Democrats kept trying to force Republicans and the President to agree to their extreme demands so the Democrats ran out of time and had to pass something or truly look like the sabot in the machinery they are.

But again, what victory did the Democrats achieve this year? A raise in the minimum wage and about 9,000 pork projects are all that Democrats can count as victory this year. While Pelosi tries to quietly head to California for the holidays least more Republican wolves fasten upon her fleece, Reid is not done being a sore loser as he threatens to hold every few days meetings of the Senate to prevent President Bush from doing anymore recess appointments. Which I bet will go over really well with other members of the Senate forced to stay in DC to prop up Reid's petulant demands.

May 2008 find Pelosi sheared of her Speaker's post while Reid is put on the chopping block instead of Sen. Robert Byrd. Democrat fortunes in 2008 can only improve if extremists like Pelosi and Reid are marginalized and replaced.

And I bet with the title, you thought I was going to blog on Eid right? Najia has that already covered. (:

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