Tuesday, November 06, 2007


In a future that Larry Niven postulated, the UN had pacified the Earth finally but the price was a hard and brutal control of all technology. So the Amalgated Regional Militias, ARM for short, were born to enforce the laws passed by the UN. One of the more gruesome crimes ARM investigated was called organlegging, the murder of people in order to sell their organs to some desperate person needing an organ not available through the UN controlled organ transplant program. Even though, in a bid to keep up with the demand for new organs, in this bleak future the dealth penalty could be imposed for a minor traffic violation and one's organs transplanted.

What brings up this trip down science fiction history was O'Reilly's last guest, Lisa Ling of National Geographic went under cover to follow a 21st century version of organlegging. It is called Inside the Body Trade. People travelling to places like India for a kidney since there is not enough donor organs in the US. It should be fascinating viewing, assuming it does not send you running to the bathroom to throw up in disgust.

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