Monday, November 19, 2007

Meanwhile In What Was Jugoslavia

As the EU wrestles with ignoring a popular plebiscite from the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo wanting to be independent, other portions of the country formally known as Jugoslavia seem to be in trouble.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is in the middle of a political and economic crisis. Imagine making an average of $440 a month and food costs are $486. The cost of butter has jumped by 65% since September. While the economy implodes, the Serbs in their mini-state within Bosnia-Herzegovina are threatening to topple the government if proposed reforms are carried through. These reforms, among other things, seek to merge the police forces of the two mini-states into one force so as to lay the groundwork for Bosnia-Herzegovina becoming a member of the EU, which could help diminsh the economic turmoil.

It seems the fires of discord and destruction that the Dayton Peace Accords were supposed to extinguish are about to erupt again. After a decade it seems nothing has changed in the history haunted mountains of the Balkans that still speak of Kosovo Field along with more modern bloody events like Sebrenica.

If this is not resolved, AP will be taking more pictures of sniper victims in Sarajevo instead of a soot-streaked little girl collecting coal to peddle for money. Which is what caught my eye this morning, a smiling young girl with soot on her forehead collecting coal that had been dumped all so she could make some money to survive.

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