Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Making Too Many Problems

That washed up little purple darling of 80s pop, Prince, seems incapable of accepting adoration from his fans along with his fading fortunes. After giving up tilting at giant windmills like YouTube, the man who was at one time known by a funky symbol, has set his sights a little lower in the hopes of attaining some kind of victory. So Prince has unleashed his hordes of flying lawyer monkeys to go after fan sites to force them to pull down images of the paisley picayune along with lyrics of his songs. The fan sites are organizing to fight back claiming fair use.

This little legal tussle brought back memories of a fondly remembered music video by Genesis called Land of Confusion. At 3:40 we see a caricature of Prince eating his tongue like a hot-dog. How fitting in light of this legal case over his words and images. So enjoy.

As Phil Collins laments, "Superman where are you now?" Reagan's kryptonite, I think, was his failure to truly understand the threat of fundamentalist Islam. But lets be thankful he at least won against the Soviet Bear with help from stalwart allies as Lady Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II plus millions of brave people who were imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain.


RightWingRocker said...

... plus millions of brave people who were imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain.

And let's not forget that tomorrow, November 9, is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wal. The bravery of the Germans who took to the streets that night was most commendable.

There was a documentary the other night about it deatiling what was going on behind the scenes in East Berlin. It was nearly another Tiennenman's Square.

Freiheit fuer alle!


Anna said...

Until Reagan, no one had any vision except to let the Soviet Bear keep its satrapys. East German revolts, the Sovs put it down. Hungary in 1956, crushed. Prague Spring in 1968, crushed. Only when Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II were on the scene when Solidarity rose in Poland did we finally see the cracks. So in the end Regan's vision of 'us winning' came true. Thank goodness.