Sunday, October 28, 2007

Video Game Night

Just for a change of pace but still firmly locked into a Halloween theme, lets crank up the music while Felicia takes on the evil monsters in CAPCOM's very successful Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior/Vampire Hunter/Puzzle Fighter games and cartoon series. For a bio on Felicia and some cosplay pictures, please go here: Game Hotties.

Some of the characters spied in the following video are: BB Hood who is Red Riding Hood with an Uzi. Morrigan who is a princess of Hell - read succubi - who is so evil she spawned Lilith to handle the evil. We see Felicia several times in this video smacking the blood out of Lilith. And then there is Lei-Lei the all blue skinned girl with the red/yellow hat and humongous claws - she is a ghost.

Then there is this MUGEN video where Felicia beats up that annoying brat Naruto. Also have found one where she is pitted against Homer Simpson, Duh! Might have to setup MUGEN now.

If you now have an urge to purchase something related to Felicia, please go to SOTA Toys who have two different PVC figures of Felicia plus figures of bad guys like Dmitri and Lord Raptor.

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