Monday, October 08, 2007

Cruisin' the Coast

Well for the non-auto minded in the world, the Mississippi Gulf Coast once again hosted Cruisin' the Coast this past week.

I got to see and in some small way participate in this Saturday's portion. Some thought I was part of it since I was trapped in the traffic snarl that is Hwy 90 during this event while driving my 07 Mustang GT/CS. Oh don't get me wrong it was way cool to see all the cars cruising: Mustang, Saleen Mustangs, two matching baby blue T-birds parked side by side, Corvettes, Bel Aires, Chevelle SS, Camaro SS, Novas, Chargers, a new Skyline, a Viper, a few VWs, and even a Dolphin. Even spied a Shelby GT-350 and an 07 Shelby GT-500 running around. It's just getting trapped at the light trying to merge onto Hwy-90 at the Colisuem was not fun. Then the surge and stop at every light while on the beach. Of course this allowed all the people who were camped out on the sides of the road to admire all the cars while their classic rides were parked. The only portion of Hwy-90 that was relatively free to open up the Mustang was between Edgewater Mall and Gulfport, so a yellow 04 Mustang GT and I proceeded to do that - that was fun as we kinda raced each other.

The only really jarring note of the whole day was seen down in old Biloxi where Porter intersects Hwy-90 with the Biloxi lighthouse nearby. Sure all of Hwy-90 was festooned with political signs encouraging people to vote for District Attorney and what have you, there was only one gaggle pushing a Presidential candidate and they were seen at Porter and 90 waving their placards while standing in front of a giant sign. Who was this person they were shilling for? Why none other than Ron Paul. To those ardent supporters of Rep. Paul, give me a break. Cruisin' the Coast is about showing off your cool ride, meeting other people with cool rides, and generally having a bit more fun before winter finally sets in.

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