Saturday, September 29, 2007

Help Catch A Killer

Three year old Qian Xun Xue, aka Pumpkin who will never see her mother again.

Have you seen this man? If so contact your police immediately!

This man is Nai Yin Xue. Since he is a native of China and only speaks heavily accented English, the US Marshals and other authorities believe he is hiding among large concentrations of ethnic Chinese in the United States. Possibly Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York or other such places.

Nai Yin Xue is wanted by Interpol, the US Marshals, Melbourne Australia, and New Zealand police for the murder of his wife An An Liu and abandonment of his daughter. Qian was discovered alone at a Melbourne train station and it was thought her father had merely abandoned her. Until 46 hours later in New Zealand the body of An An Liu, Qian's mother, was found in the boot of Nai Yin Xue's car.

Nai Yin Xue purchased a one way ticket from a Melbourne agent to Los Angeles, CA where he had spent six months back in 1999-2000. Sept 16, 2007 is the last known sighting of Nai Yin Xue when he checked out of a Los Angeles Chinatown hotel.

If you have reason to suspect you had met this person, call the police and help catch a killer.

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Comments upon the NZ Herald report by Patrick Gower. Mr. Gower, before accusing the US Marshals for typos perhaps you should get yourself fact-checked. The United States to the best of my knowledge only has 50 states, not 52 as you state. Why do you call Pumpkin Qian Xue Xue when two other news sources say her name is Qian Xun Xue? And why call An An Liu An An Xue? And as to why the US Marshals have people secure their cell-phones before entering their command area, perhaps you should talk to your tech-crime reporter who will inform you that hackers can send a maintenance signal to your cell-phone and turn on the microphone so they can hear anything that is said within range of that cell-phone without you being the wiser.

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