Sunday, September 16, 2007

Das Boot - Reloaded

Thanks to Ride A Pale Horse, I can pass along a very excellent video of a special historical exhibit. That of the one German Kreigsmarine Unterseeboot that was captured by they US Navy just before D-Day 6 June 1944. I present for your viewing enjoyment, the U-505 - one of only two surviving Type IXCs in existence. U-505 can be seen in Chicago, Ill.

The only other surviving Type IXC can be found in the United Kingdom. U-534 was the last U-boat sunk in WWII and miraculously the whole crew was able to escape before she went down. In 1993 she was raised from her watery resting place.

Alas it seems U-534 may not last longer in one piece since its current owners are planning to cut it in three sections. Here are the two petitions that can be signed to try and save this historical warship.

And if you are adventerous and want to dive on a sunken U-boat in about 45 meters of water, the U-260 can be found off the coast of Ireland. This nine minute video shows off in some spots the inner pressure structure of the submarine. Like the air intakes just behind the conning tower. Or the encrusted periscopes who's optics are still clear. Or cruise down the deck and see the stern with its frozen propellers.

Finally there is one more U-boat still in existence and this one can be found in Germany. The U-2540 is a Type XXI boat and was scuttled on 4 May 1945. Raised in 1957. Presently located in Bremerhaven and is open for tours.


Anonymous said...

I had the experience of seeing the U-505 being taken from Lake Michigan and transported to the museum when I was a kid (LONG time ago).


Rides A Pale Horse said...

Finally got a chance to watch the rest of the videos. Very interesting. I was also there when they brought the U-505 out of Lake Michigan (also a kid, Andy) and in the intervening years probably spent as much time in it as some of the crews. LOL! Incredible job they did on the restoration and move to it's fantastic new display. Thanks Anna for posting my video, I very much appreciate that!

Anna said...

Hey AndyJ!! How goes? I remember seeing the footage of them moving U-505 across that road. Talk about a feat of engineering. Must have been a real sight.

Rides A Pale Horse, you are very welcome since it is a pretty darn good video. Thanks for sharing it with me. So with all that time in ein Deutche schweinboot, has Admiral Karl awarded you your dolphins yet? :)

I should jet up to Chicago and see this sub one day. Be my third sub to tour. USS Drum in Mobile and U-1250 being the others.