Saturday, September 15, 2007

Call the Whaaaambulance

This past Monday a socialist front organisation founded to 'help' citizens of the US to get over the infidelities and dereliction of duty committed by President William Jefferson Clinton strayed even farther afield than the norm by running a full page ad in the New York Times accusing General David Petraeus, Commander Multi-National Forces Iraq, of being a political lapdog of the Bush Administration willing to shade his report to Congress and hence a betrayer of the soldiers under his command.

Pretty strong accusations that one would expect MoveOn.org to have evidence to back up. But it is very hard to accuse anyone of betrayal when the accused has not even formally reported to Congress yet and all that can be attacked is a public letter General Petraeus sent to his own troops that admits things are not going smoothly but progress is being made. Which means this is another example of the despicable tactic of smear and assassinate the character of the messenger when the message does not fit some one's agenda that some political hacks are very partial to.

As formal complaints filed with the FEC swirl around the New York Times over the deep discount they gave MoveOn.org for running this vicious attack ad, the reaction of various Presidential hopefuls has been most illuminating. From Democrat front runners like Sen. Hillary Clinton, wife of the skirt chasing and lying former President William Jefferson Clinton, and Sen. Barack Obama the response has been silence until now. Why now you ask?

Well Republican candidate Rudy Guiliani has come out swinging by placing his own ad in the New York Times accusing Sen. Hillary Clinton of spewing venom and in general rebuking her.Guiliani has also asked Sen. Clinton to apologize for her comments against American soldiers and to condemn the attack ad by MoveOn.org. The Guiliani camp also has a web ad rebuking Clinton.

Hat-tip: Mike at Mike's America for posting this video, thanks.

So in typical leftist thinking of effect and cause, only now has Sen. Hillary Clinton been stirred to act. Naturally she is going into attack mode by accusing the Guiliani camp of trying to divert attention away from this unpopular war in Iraq - right.. sure.. - Sen. Clinton, approval ratings for this war are higher than approval ratings for this Democratic controlled Congress. I guess Sen. Clinton is hoping by attacking Guiliani she can make people forget her silence on the ad; looking at her past track record with attacking Gennifer Flowers and other accusers of her husband, she has had success in this manner of attack. And what of the vile morally retarded yapping chihuahuas of MoveOn.org who started this, where have they been? They are now promising to attack Guiliani for daring to question them, all I have to say is good luck you schmucks - Guiliani survived the glass snake house of New York City as mayor in which his every mistake was a major story for weeks.

My comment on all these leftist anti-American forces who are having an attack of the vapors while sucking their thumbs because Guiliani had some harsh words for their actions, grow up! Or let the real adults step forward because I am sick of the whining that the left thinks passes for rational discourse.

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Rides A Pale Horse said...

Typical of these slimy creatures. Bound and determined to see us all subject to Shari'a.

Would like to know where all the Republicans were when the good General was being raked over the coals on national television.

After the fact denunciation of this deplorable behavior doesn't make them much better IMO. (spit)

ornery elephant said...

Typical Left tactic. Throw a thousand lies at the wall, hope one or two stick and then instruct the MSM to carry the lies to the masses.

On Meet The Depressed today, Tim Russert, in all of his Socialist Red glory, decided to focus on the MoveOn ad and actually put up the Rudy Youtube ...then old comrade Russert decides to have a two man panel discuss the issue. Who does he pick? An NBC political analyst and a hack from the Washington Post.

That would be like asking Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson to sit down and "discuss" the Don Imus issue.

At the same time, it's my feeling that with the importance of the 2008 election being so huge, we will see attacks and ads to come that will make the MoveOn ad look like a Sunday morning comic strip.

Mark my words - we will see a deliberate and calculated razing of every American moral, institution, value and tradition by the Leftists in the next year.

Anna said...

We can hope more will step up and challenge them on their lies, distortions, and yes even their hate-filled intolerence.

Oh they can pull out all the stops this upcoming year in their attacks and what many Americans will do, as they are bombarded by this, will be to recoil away and look for any alternative leaving the haters off in their tiny little hate-ward.

The future, due to these short-sighted actions that accomplish nothing except to be catharic theatre making the self absorbed feel like they did something, is dark and murky with an all to real chance of being splashed in bright red.

Aakash said...

Both Rudy and Hillary are affiliated with the same major political party in New York State.

It would be scary if they both made it to the general presidential election (or just one of them, for that matter...)!